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You are invited to participate in a trial run of ATOLWEB . . .

Radio Email has been practical on small boats for some time. But, accessing the web has been impossible due to the lack of bandwidth. Most Radio Email systems operate at speeds of 100 baud or less. Under conditions of poor radio propagation, a 10K byte message can take an hour to download!


ATOLWEB directs your Email requests for 'www pages' to a special server which converts web pages to plain text. HTML coding and graphics are removed to reduce file sizes to a minimum . All of the essential information is retained, however, including link addresses. This 'reduced size' file is sent back to you by Email. It works anywhere in the world where 'full bandwidth' internet connections are not possible.

To get started, send an Email as follows:

To: atolweb@sto-p.com
(note the dash '-' between the 'o' and 'p' in 'sto-p.com')

Subj: help

Body: Please give us your details, including name of your boat, type, size, etc and most importantly the type of Radio Email service you are using: Ham Radio, SailMail, Pin Oak, Cellular Phone, etc.

Or click on this link to send an email now!

A description of how to use ATOLWEB will be sent to you immediately by our autoresponder.

You do not have to sign up for this service - just go ahead and use it - subject to the conditions and limitations described in the 'help' file. ATOLWEB is operational right now!

*ATOLWEB is FREE.   But ... if you are using a commercial Radio Email service like Globe Wireless, beware of 'per character' or 'per minute' charges that make the retreival of large files prohibitively expensive. If you are using Ham Radio, or SailMail, which do not have time or character charges, you will be downloading web pages for free! Right Now!

EMAIL ON BOATS . . . is a 56 page booklet available from our ONLINE SHOP. If you are considering an Email system for Coastal or Offshore work, check it out. If you already have Email onboard, this booklet shows some of the advanced techniques you can use.

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