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Earn as you Circumnavigate 
A guide for the Penniless Voyager!

NEW! Just Published December 1999

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Dreams of South Seas Palm Trees . . . and Grass Skirts?

... from the Introduction:

“You want to do what? Travel around the world in a boat! You think you can earn your way as you circumnavigate? Forget about it.  It won't happen; besides, it must be illegal. You have it good here.  The rest of the world is starving.   Settle down. Get a good job. Save for your retirement. Then, you can consider cruising around the world - when you have the financial backing to enjoy it.  Believe me, this is sage advice.”

Unconvinced? Then you may be ready for 'voyaging'.

This book is dedicated to people in a condition of financial unrest!  It is written for those who still have dreams of sailing the south seas, finding earthly paradises, and escaping from the cancerous disciplines of  modern life.  If you want 'security', go work for the government. If you want adventure and self-fulfilment go 'voyaging'.

Every once in a while, there comes a book that really hits home.  "Cruising Money" made me think and take stock: 'Why am I still sitting at this desk?'

I have a boat.  But I can't go anywhere - I've got responsibilites, bills and a  bank account that won't support much more than a 3 week vacation - maybe.  I'm chained to a  lifestyle  I can honestly say no longer holds the thrill it once did. "Cruising Money" hit me right between the eyes.  It combines the practical philosophy of someone who obviously has been in my place and  managed to escape to places of my childhood dreams.

It lays out the formula to make my sailing fantasies real.  It presents so many examples of ways to earn an income while sailing  I can't honestly say I'll show up for work tomorrow...

Yes, "Cruising Money" certainly answers the single most-asked question would-be Ocean voyagers have: 'Can I earn money as I circumnavigate?' It contains a wealth of  ideas, tips, and 'local knowledge' from ordinary people who are doing that right now!

Chapters Include:

  • How Much Does it Cost?
  • Self-Reliance
  • Working for Other Boaties
  • Working Ashore
  • SHOPPING for Fun and PROFIT (I love this one!)
  • Lifestyle Chartering
  • Trading with ‘Locals’
  • Mother of Invention
  • Potpourri:  Notes and Comments
  • Smuggling and Other Illegal Acts
  • Staying ‘In Touch’
  • Your Boat Budget
There's nothing theoretical about this book.  It's all firsthand local knowledge by someone who's been there and either done it himself, or watched  fellow voyagers earn their way from one tropical paridise to another.  Interspersed with the practical advice are some great anecdotes.  The author's dry wit shines through.  Best of all, for me at least, "Cruising Money" is sprinkled with 'colorful - no holds barred' voyaging philosophy ... worthy of a 'Tristan Jones' tale.

It's well very written, and you'll have a hard time putting it down.  I have a feeling that in the next year or two we're going to see a lot of extra folks out on the cruising and voyaging scene as a result of this little book.

I may just be among the first ... see you on  some deserted tropical beach!

JUST PUBLISHED (December 1999)

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