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Marine Life
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Here is some information about the Marine Life of the Dhofar Region:-


Oman, with some of the most biologically productive seas in the world, lies at the South Western corner of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bathed by three different bodies of ocean: The Arabian Sea borders the long Southern and Central coast; The Gulf of Oman forms the North East Coast; and the Arabian Gulf in the North.

The Arabian Sea which borders the Dhofar coastline has a high level of saline stability, but there is more temperature variation than might be expected.

This is due to occasional upwelling along the Oman coast and the infusion of cold water from the Arabian Sea. This cool upwelled water is rich in nutrients and favours the growth of phytoplankton and macro algae in concentrations usually seen in more temperate waters, resulting in an abundance of food for the local fauna.

The fish fauna of this coast is unusual in having seven different components:

Cosmopolitan in warm seas (e.g.: porcupine fish and file fishes);

Indo Pacific (Parrot Fishes and Jacks);

Indian Ocean (Groupers and scorpion fishes);

Spotted Grouper 

Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (Butterfly and Angel fishes);


Gulf of Oman (Hawkfishes and Wrasses);


Southern Africa (Bullhead sharks, Porgies and Blennies);

the seventh being
Oman's own endemic species (Oman butterfly fish, Oman clown fish).


Although the seas of Oman do not attract the legions of divers one sees in the Red Sea and some islands of the Western Indian Ocean, there is a growing number of divers, particularly in the Muscat and Salalah areas. Divers and snorkellers are attracted to marine parks where the marine life is fully protected. Without spearfishing, fishes become more approachable, and without commercial fishing, the reef community can revert to it's pristine state.



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Last modified: December 07, 1998