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Order Book Secrets of the Ocean Realm
by Michele Hall (Contributor), Howard Hall, Peter Benchley (Introduction)
Hardcover - 176 pages (November 1997) - Price Range: UNDER $30

Featuring state-of-the-art photography, this book is the companion to the spectacular five-part PBS TV special. It captures the magnificent beauty of deep-sea ecosystems - revealing the behavior of dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and other marine animals.

Order Book Sealife : A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment
by Geoffrey Waller (Editor), Marc Dando (Contributor), Richard Hull (Editor)
Hardcover - 504 pages (September 1996) - Price Range: UNDER $35

Another outstanding Smithsonian Guide brimming with illustrations, essays by experts on marine biology, and descriptions of more than 600 species, SeaLife is the most comprehensive reference available in a single volume to the vast panorama of vertebrate and invetebrate creatures inhabiting the world's oceans and shores. 56 color plates. 1,000 illustrations. 75 maps.

Order Book Field Guide to Coral Reefs : Caribbean and Florida
(Peterson Field Guide Series)
by Eugene H. Kaplan, Susan L. Kaplan (Illustrator)
Paperback (March 1988) - 32-page color insert - Price Range: UNDER $20

Now available in paperback, this field guide introduces readers to a world of riotous color, magnificent beauty and fascinating animal life. It shows how to identify quickly and accurately the common inhabitants of the reefs. More than 500 species are covered.

Order Book Guide to Marine Life of the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida
by Marty Snyderman, Clay Wiseman (Contributor), Marty Synderman
Paperback (May 1996) - Price Range: UNDER $30

A layman's guide to the identification and habits of hundreds of marine animals. A excellent gift for new scuba divers - showing them what to expect in different diving areas: who lives where and who eats who. Lavishly illustrated with over 300 color photos. While specifically dealing with the Caribbean - Bahamas - Florida area, the same 'natural order' is found in all tropical and semi-tropical areas of the world.

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