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Order Book Orca : Visions of the Killer Whale
by Peter Knudtson, David Suzuki
Hardcover (October 1996) - Price Range: UNDER $20

Peter Knudtson's kaleidoscopic portrait of the orca, illustrated with 55 dramatic, full-color photos, explores the remarkable natural history and behavior of the world's preeminent aquatic predator. From a discussion of orca evolution, to an examination of their anatomical, physiological, and behavioral development, this book creates a compelling portrait of these majestic, magnificent creatures.

Order Book Guardians of the Whales
The Quest to Study Whales in the Wild
by Bruce Obee, Graeme Ellis (Photographer)
Hardcover (October 1992) - Price Range: UNDER $25

A book about whales and the people who study them. Although it's a great 'coffee table' book with 80 color photos, anyone who is thinking about a career studying cetaceans will find the personal stories of the researchers particularly interesting.

Order Book Among Whales
by Roger Payne
350+ pages Updated edition (October 1996) - Price Range: UNDER

Join the author as he swims along with whales and presents wide range of subjects centered around the lives of whales and our knowledge of them. Written in a compelling style and enthusiam that is infectious. Roger Payne rose to prominence in the late 1960s for his discovery that the vocalizations of humpback whales couldbe classified as songs. The appendix contains an excellent primer on ocean acoustics.

Order Book Whales Dolphins and Porpoises
Reader's Digest Explores Science & Nature Series
Hardcover - 160 pages (September 1997) - 415 illustrations & photos - Price Range: UNDER $20

Explores cetaceans' evolution from their origins as terrestrial mammals, sorts out confusions among whales, porpoises and dolphins, and examines their biology and ecology. This is a beautifully illustrated, entertaining and enlightening visit with some of the most intriguing creatures in the world.

Order Book The World of the Arctic Whales :
Belugas, Bowheads, and Narwhals
by Stefani Paine, John Ford (Photographer)
Paperback - 128 pages - (May 1997) - 45 color photos - Price Range: UNDER $15

Why do these whales live where no others can? How do they keep warm in subzero water temperatures? How do they navigate and communicate under the ice? Biologist Stefani Paine tackes these and other intriguing questions as she explores the extraordinary natural history of Arctic whales. Dramatic photographs document the behavior of the whales as they cavort, mate, migrate, and evade their predators.

Order Book Masters of the Ocean Realm :
Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises
by John E. Heyning
Paperback (October 1995) - Price Range: UNDER $15

A colorful introduction to whales, dolphins and porpoises - facts about their biology, evolution, and interaction with human cultures. It also contains short essays about whale intelligence, mass starndings, DNA analysis, and conservation.

Order Book Whales Dolphins and Porpoises
by Mark Carwardine, Peter Evans (Editor), Mason Weinrich (Editor),
Flexi Paperback - 256 pages Flexi edition (April 1995) - Price Range: UNDER $ 25

This is THE GUIDE to have! Filled with facts on all known species of Cetaceans on planet Earth -- where they live, what they eat, how they breathe, and how they give birth to and care for their young. Explores the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and feeding habits of over 70 species! Packed with illustrations. Provides a checklist to help you identify them in the wild. Don't go whale or dolphin watching with this book! This is the 'Flexi' edition with the durable cover. 256 pages Also available in Hardcover and Paperback formats.

Order Book Whales and Dolphins
(Look into Nature)
by Steve Parker
Hardcover (April 1994) - Price Range: UNDER $15

From the Sierra Club, this fact filled book is lavishly illustrated with full color drawings, photographs, diagrams and charts. A great introduction to the world of cetaceans!

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