Dolphin Phone - handheld amplifier


Your Personal Underwater Ear!

Dolphin Phone let you eavesdrop on a magical world ... the realm of the not-so-silent ocean depths. But it's more than just a 'snooping' device. Dolphin Phone is similar to scientific hydrophones costing many thousands of dollars.

Dolphin Phone system:

All of the above are included in the Dolphin Phone Package! The only other thing you need is a 9 volt battery and an OCEAN ... or lake ... or river ... or pond
1. Select a location,
2. Put the hydrophone in the water,
3. Slip on the earphones,
4. Turn it ON!
It's that easy to use!
IDEAL for KIDS: Fun and Educational - Great for Science Projects
Great for ADULTS too!

WHAT Will You Hear?



Some places are very quiet; some a sonically 'alive'. You will have to experiment to find the best places. While listening to whales and dolphins is lots fo fun, there are many other creatures which make sounds underwater. Remember also, that before Dolphin Phone came along, listening to underwater sounds was an expensive and time consuming proposition. You may discover underwater sounds that have never been heard! You may also find links between sounds and various habitats. For example, we wonder why 'snapping shrimp' seem to prefer boat marinas where pollution and toxic bottom paints abound, over cleaner waters just outside the entrance. If you want to explore our last earthly frontier, dolphin phone will open up a whole new dimension.