Your electronic equipment keeps you safe, comfortable, and connected. But common electrical system faults can destroy your security and empty your pockets in a flash. Learn about the problem and how to protect your gear.
Family, Friends and Fellow Cruisers are just a few keystrokes away! But, when it comes to putting Email on your boat you're going to need help separating truth from hype. Here's a few tips ...
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Online forecasts for cruisers. Charts, plain-language forecasts, real-time observations.
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'EAR on the Sea' is a new 'E-zine' about the sea, the animals that live there, the sounds they make, and the people who study them. New issue each month. SIGN UP! It's FREE
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Internet in Mid OCEAN! It's possible NOW. Read all about our new service: ATOLWEB. Access web pages using your existing email equipment over HF radio. Try it today! Oh, did we mention it's FREE?
Read about people who have left home on small boats to sail around the world. Their planning, preparation and voyages. Info on their boats and equipment. Plus their insights on where to go, what to take, and how to keep it all together. A must read if you're planning on a cruise!
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Inexpensive electronic projects for your boat. From a simple automatic anchor light, to keeping your electrical system in good order.
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Tips, Information, Opinion, Ideas. Can Computers SURVIVE on a boat? And, more.
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Have a look at the 'INSTANT BROCHURE box in the top left corner of this screen. Just press on either color button to receive an INSTANT COLOR BROCHURE about STO.P or Dolphin Phone. An 'html color brochure' will be delivered to your email inbox in seconds! You can print it out while online by just hitting the print button on your email reader. Or, go to our 'Literature Center' to select text only versions if your email reader doesn't support 'html' messages.

Low Price Breakthru !
HEAR Whales and Dolphins from your boat. Whale songs, dolphin communications, even fish make sounds! Find out more.

Don't miss this! Now, you can also 'SEE' the sound picked up by the Dolphin Phone with this free software! Load it onto any Windows 95/98 Notebook or Desktop and turn it into one of those amazing 'WATERFALL Displays that are using on U.S. Navy Nuclear Subs! It lets you analyze sounds from all underwater sound sources, enabling you to identify whale and dolphin vocalizations - perhaps even to tell which animal is making the sounds! Who knows, you might even 'catch' a submarine...

Sample 'Waterfall' Spectrum Display



Please note: DolphinPhone is now known as DolphinEAR! Come and see our new website!

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