Features, Benefits and Specifications:

STO.P 5A+ and 15A+

User Selectable for 12 or 24 Volt Operation

Model Numbers: 051224AP, 151224AP


Does your GPS lose memory when your battery gets low? Then, the STO.P 5A Plus or the STO.P 15A Plus is the answer. They keep equipment going when your main battery momentarily dips during engine cranking. But, that's not all STO.P does!


STO.P is designed to eliminate, or suppress to a safe level, common electrical system faults including: Spikes and Transients caused by switching inductive loads such as engine starting, and anchor windlass operation; Overvoltages caused by overcharging of batteries, faulty voltage regulators, accidental battery disconnects, solar panels and unloaded wind gen-erators; Undervoltage caused by engine starting and weak batteries; Surges caused by mains connected battery chargers or faulty alternators; Electro-Magnetic Interference from onboard VHF and SSB Radios and Induced E.M.F. caused by nearby lightning and inductive coupling between isolated power circuits. Any one of these faults can affect all of your electronics!


STO.P effectively prevents these problems from reaching your equipment. When a fault or dangerous condition is detected, STO.P reacts! The service life of your equipment is extended, and repair bills are reduced or eliminated. Independent tests by recognized experts confirm that STO.P is 'cheap insurance' for your valuable electronics.


Manufacturers and importers of high quality equipment recommend that you take precautions to prevent electrical system faults from reaching your equipment. STO.P meets or exceeds their specifications and ensures proper warranty coverage.




Model Number: STO.P 051224AP STO.P 151224AP
Nominal Voltage 12 - 24 Volts D.C. 12 - 24 Volts D.C.
Operational Range: 0 - 16.0 Volts

0 - 32.0 Volts

0 - 16.0 Volts

0-32.0 volts

Maximum Current: (Continuous) 5Amps 15 Amps
Maximum Current: (Intermittent)* 5 Amps Not Applicable
Over Voltage Trigger: 16.0-17.0 VDC

31.0-32.0 VDC

16.0-17.0 VDC

31.0-32.0 VDC

Spike Threshold (Positive): 20.0 VDC

35.0 VDC

20.0 VDC

35.0 VDC

Spike Threshold (Negative) -0.5 to -1.2 VDC -0.5 to -1.2 VDC
Dimensions: (mm) 40W 40L 20H 50W 50L 30H
Quiescent Current Consumption: <1 mA <1 mA

Note: Data in Red is for 24 volt setting

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